Dynamo! – 02×03

Bitcoin breaks through the $16,000 mark, Four Things That Could Explain Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Decision, Google’s Machine Learning Software Has Learned to Replicate Itself and Jony Ive is retaking control of Apple’s design team after two years in hands-off role.

Hosted by Antwand Howard and Francisco Pierre-Louis



(0:27) Bitcoin breakout
(4:57) Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem
(7:22) Google AI bots make robo-babies
(11:42) Apple’s design chief returns

Note: (12:5613:46) Silences were accidental. Antwand points out that corporate made technologies are getting more unnecessary and aimless, improving only in the direction of VR and corporate control. blockchain is growing more towards positive disruption and liberation of humanity.

Articles used in the episode: 

Bitcoin breakout Source: BBC
Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem Source: Mintpress News
Google AI bots make robo-babies Source: Steemit
Apple’s design chief returns Source: The Verge

Image Credit: Bitcoin gold image via Shutterstock

Music Credits: Nadir by Einstein in a Patent Office

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