Brakes Under Pressure – 02×04

FCC guts Net neutrality, Disney buys Fox for 52 billion, Wildfire updates in California, US Petrodollar + Middle East and Alabama senate race — Doug Jones v. Roy Moore

Hosted by Antwand Howard, Francisco Pierre-Louis, and Slade Winston


(0:38) Net neutrality
(7:14) Disney buys Fox for 52 billion
(13:03) Wildfire updates in California
(16:56) US Petrodollar + Middle East
(27:53) Alabama senate race — Doug Jones v. Roy Moore

Articles used in the episode: 

FCC guts Net neutrality Source: Los Angeles Times

Disney buys Fox for 52 billion Source:

Wildfire updates in California Source: CNN

Trump plan to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem angers Middle East Christians Source: Washington Post

Alabama Senate race: Doug Jones wins, but Roy Moore isn’t conceding Source: CBS News

Image Credit: “This is fine” meme from Betakit

Music Credits: Nadir by Einstein in a Patent Office

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