Month: October 2017

Let’s get hacked! – 01×02

Deloitte, a UK accounting firm got hacked and what it could mean in the future for cybersecurity. Also, US Senate Dems are filing a bill to remove the debt ceiling. Would it benefit us or could it lead to something more severe? Hosted by Antwand Howard and Francisco Pierre-Louis [powerpress] Timestamps: (0:30) Deloitte hit by cyber-attack revealing clients’ secret emails (6:30) Senate Dems file bill to eliminate debt ceiling Articles used in this episode: Deloitte hit by cyber-attack revealing clients’ secret emails. Source: The Guardian Senate Dems file bill to eliminate debt ceiling. Source: The Hill Image Credit: Hacker by

Fear: The crusification of dreams

Fear; often defined as a distressing emotion aroused by an impending danger has become the most common and basic fact in the world of the living. According to a survey conducted by on 1000 Americans, men and women, respond differently to their individual fears. Men are more likely to change their behavior in response to fear than women. The results of the report say that the fear of developing cancer is the highest amongst men and women alike, followed by the fear of a car accident and of developing a heart disease. Here is what the report says about

The Broke, Bankrupt, and Beaten (feat. Corbin Craig) – 01×01

Is St. Louis a vision of what’s worst to come? Is the iPhone X a scam, and does Toys R’ Us bankruptcy spell the end for retail? Hosted by Francisco Pierre-Louis and Antwand Howard Special Guest: Corbin Craig. He’s a musician and runs the political commentary channel Darkmonsterccc on Youtube. [powerpress] Timestamps: (0:53) The Police State in St. Louis (14:57) iPhone X: Is it a scam? (24:04) The Death of Retail + Bonus: The Beauty of Decentralization Articles used in this episode: Police in riot gear trample over woman during St. Louis protests. Source: MookyDaKiD’s Youtube channel iPhone X.