Month: January 2018

SLOW AND STEADY? Naah, Meet The Tesla Semi!

Elon Musk has gone over to the next level in the modernization of vehicles ever since he unveiled the ‘Semi Truck’ in Hawthorne, California at SpaceX’s headquarters on the 16th of November, 2017. He obviously thought things through when he played this card because this truck is electrified for a reason! Sure trucks do occupy only a small percentage of our traffic, but that small percentage emits enough smoke to account for a nice big hole in the ozone and all kinds of pollution and diseases. That is because of the heavy amount of diesel they consume of course,

Important Announcement

The podcast is currently going on an indefinite hiatus. Over the course of few months, we went through some interesting times. With some days good and some wonky. When we first started we had an end focus in mind and was to be a voice of change. In this next chapter we will continue that vision to make our voices heard. To provide alternative perspectives to what the mainstream media is feeding us. Video killed the radio star in the end, so video will be our next move. We hope you join us on this great and awesome journey