Fear: The crusification of dreams

Fear; often defined as a distressing emotion aroused by an impending danger has become the most common and basic fact in the world of the living.

According to a survey conducted by Casino.org on 1000 Americans, men and women, respond differently to their individual fears. Men are more likely to change their behavior in response to fear than women.

The results of the report say that the fear of developing cancer is the highest amongst men and women alike, followed by the fear of a car accident and of developing a heart disease.

Here is what the report says about the top 5 fears according to genders:

But what is more interesting is what the Americans said when asked to say how much they anticipated that they might actually have to live their fear:

This shows how even their worst fear was considered less likely to happen in all but one case, food poisoning.

Let me clarify what that means if put simply: Your fear is only a state of mind!

Why we let our fears deter us away from our dreams is an aggravating thought but a sad reality. We see, only too often, people not committing themselves to their dreams or waving them off when growing up, giving excuses like “it was an unrealistic approach” or “I can’t afford to do that”.

Well, someone rightly said that our excuses are sold to us by our fears. We feed the baneful thoughts of ‘what might happen’ a lot of our time and energy turning them into bigger and more poisonous plants that in return for all our time, give us nothing but failure and discomfort.


Because ‘fear is a thought and courage is the step’. It is just like how we see people give a plethora of advice and paucity of assistance. Without actually doing anything practical, you have the world to fear. A person of action fears less because he knows only through the wisest teacher of all (experience), that fear is the last thing of importance when on the road from your dreams to reality.

It is important for us all to know that our fear is an obstacle in life that has to be overcome. You were blessed with a life and given a world to show yourself off to, don’t let fear hold you back! Being afraid of something means that you are on the road to success, now be brave and keep going and tell us your story after you’ve succeeded.


To Fear

by Fatina Shahzad

In the light of strength
I shall speak to you.
You may be bigger,
But I am stronger.

‘How so?’ you ask.
It is because you were a part of my husk,
It was I who let you grow,
And it is I who let you take control.
Oh, my fear!
I now ask you to return the reins to my soul,
For it is I, not you,
Who owns my bones.

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