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There are two things people want more than money

“There are two things people want more than money. Recognition and praise.” -Mary Kay Ash. As often stated, said, observed and felt, money alone is a factor that has taken many lives, ruined far too many relationships, led to preposterous decisions and well, instigated the discovery of the rarest talent. The lack of this one factor leads us into the destructive phase of depression and henceforth, suicide. It doesn’t even take the help of too much exaggeration to say that we unconsciously worship money. That is to say that we think about it day and night, we believe our

From paper to bits; All over again.

Many years ago, we humans were dependent on human capabilities and limitations for all our work. Everything was done manually and if the work was ‘heavy’ or complex then it was definitely time consuming, erroneous or just not worth it. But all of that changed when computers were born. Where the work was erroneous it became accurate; where it was tedious or time consuming, it became efficient and quick. Our lives were changed immensely because of that shift from paper to bits back then, and now we are possibly in the middle of another such revolution thanks to Satoshi